I have to rock a bathing suit and I'm worried about my hair?!?!

My euro trip is fast approaching. Yes, I'm stoked but I'm also...panicking, just a bit. There's still a crap ton of stuff to do - some outfit shopping, sorting out the luggage sitch, packing, etc. And I'm trying to figure out what the plan is for my hair. Yes, I said that. I have naturally curly hair that I go through love/hate phases with and lately it's been on the hate side of that cycle which means I've been rocking the straight look for months now. But seeing as how I'll be on a beach for about 10 days straight, and since I'll likely be going straight from the beach to the tapas bars most days, I need to be ready to deal with my curls. Usually on vacation I'm super laid back and don't care if my hair looks crazy but that will get tired very fast over the course of 10 days, so a plan here is vital. But I'm thinking I'll be ok if I have a few braided styles up my sleeve, so I'm spending my last week at home trying out a few options. A pic or two from my experiments will be up on my Instagram this week so tune in for potential hilarity.

Braids all over:

I love this kind of look, especially with the added interest of having two types of braids. The tutorial is courtesy of The Beauty Department, which I mentioned in a recent post as a regular source of inspiration. Find the full tutorial here.

This next one was done by the phenomenally talented Ashley at Matthew Morris Salon. How fab would this be for both on and off the beach?  

Pic from the Matthew Morris Salon & Skincare  facebook  page.

Pic from the Matthew Morris Salon & Skincare facebook page.


Thank you Elizabeth Ruedas for breaking it down for me. I'm planning on something similar to the one she puts together, except with just 2-3 slightly bigger braids at one side in the front but then my curls can go crazy everywhere else. I could also throw the rest of my hair into a loose french braid or a few knots...think the Kristen Stewart / Chanel campaign look (btw I hated that campaign but the hair was fantastic).

Kristen Stewart / Chanel

Kristen Stewart / Chanel