jet set beauty: YouTube beauty guru crushes and glitter eyes

I've had a lot going on lately - namely a lot of parties and events, so naturally I've been thinking a lot about makeup. Like any other girl, I have a couple of go-to looks but with this newly packed schedule, I'm craving a little variety in the beauty department. Plus certain events just seem to call for something more special than the usual go-to routines. Looking for inspiration, I love to check out tutorials on YouTube and some of my favorites are makeup artists/vloggers like Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo. I also love The Beauty Department blog and enjoy spending way too much time at Sephora online checking out new products (hence the VIB status, ha). My recent haul includes the Heavy Metal Glitter Liner by Urban Decay, a new eyeshadow palette (Electric, also by Urban Decay) and false eyelashes to play around with as my first foray into the world of falsies. In the end though, even when trying something new, I always prefer my own make up looks to be pretty low maintenance and quick to complete. And I'm definitely not a touch up through the night kind of girl, so whatever I paint on at home had better stay put. That's why I love, love, love this tutorial that I found by Lisa Eldridge and I plan to rock it during fourth of July festivities next weekend. Apparently shiny sparkly things are my weak spot. Please tell me it's not just me :)

And here is my final version of the look. Next time I'd probably smudge the makeup on a little heavier on my lower lash line:

Posted on June 27, 2014 .