Saturday - how fabulous? laid plans

White tents, flowing champagne, gourmet food - that is what my Saturday was supposed to look like - chilling out at the Denver Polo Classic in Littleton. And it was a gorgeous day. Absolutely ideal for lounging and eating and champagne-ing outside. So what happened? Well, one of my fur-babies who NEVER gets sick, woke up sick. She was lethargic, panting and seemingly in pain, so I spent my beautiful Saturday the vet. How posh. And after we headed home - her with a fever and me with her antibiotics and a big fat vet bill in hand - I just couldn't bring myself to leave her unattended to go party at the polo fields. Boo. So I stayed home and cuddled with her because she is the type who, even on a good day, always prefers cuddles over anything (food included). I suspected that it would make us both feel better. And it did, she already seems to be on the mend. Denver Polo Classic - I'll just have to see you next year!

Posted on June 29, 2014 and filed under diary.