jet set closet: Chanel flats and rainbow sunnies

I've been making progress this week! With what? Shoes! Sounds silly, but it is a very good thing. As I've mentioned before, I have a bunch of shoes that I bought but never wore. So lately I've been trying to shop my closet and start wearing them. And anything that I repeatedly pass over will probably be sold. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the Chanel flats which, even after only one wear, are now my new faves. I'm so happy I broke away from my Lanvin flats and TOMS routine for a day and added some sparkle. Now even days after the Chanel's maiden outing, I'm still slightly obsessed with their shiny sequin-y goodness. But I'm ashamed to admit that they are only one example of fantastic footwear sitting untouched at the back of my closet. Shame on me, seriously. Such gorgeous things should not be going to waste like that, especially in this case, since flats are the easiest things to wear. No matter, they're out now so I expect to wear them a ton this Spring/Summer. Next up in my challenge will have to be a pair of pumps.

mmm, sparkle!

I also have a new pair of sunglasses and I've been obsessively wearing them until the very last bits of daylight go out each evening. I haven't talked too much about my sunglasses obsession yet but I have quite a few pairs that I love yet somehow I'm still losing my mind over this new one. They're the Oliver Peoples/Fashion Guide L.A. special edition - the Braverman frame with RAINBOW MIRRORED LENSES. The combination of the crystal clear frame with the rainbow mirror finish is what got me even though, admittedly, a pair of Oliver Peoples is kind of an unusual purchase for me these days. I used to have about 4 pairs but then I gave away two, became a huge Barton Perreira fan (still am, see proof on Instagram and in future posts) and never looked back. The quality of each Barton Perreira frame is absolutely impeccable and quite frankly Oliver Peoples has been lagging in that aspect for quite a few years now. I was willing to overlook that for a rainbow mirrored lens though, ha. 

rainbow goodness!

more rainbow goodness!!

the front is clear plastic and the arms are chrome.

I love them! By the way, my beloved Barton Perreira offers a custom mirrored lens option so apparently they can do a rainbow lens too. I tried to look into that and all of my local sources said that they couldn't guarantee the final color combination that would be on the lens. So rather than take my chances, I just snagged this pair. But I am considering a custom pair with a blue mirrored lens next. After that in my sunglass adventures should be a pair or two from BP's new collection and hopefully my first ever pair of Thierry Lasry! Hmm, I think I may need to start planning a custom cabinet display for my rapidly expanding collection.

Posted on May 5, 2014 and filed under fashion.