countdown to takeoff

In 7 days I'll be leaving on a jet plane, headed for England, Spain and Iceland. I'm pretty freaking excited and yes, that is a bit of an understatement right about now. After all, it's been SEVEN YEARS since I've been to Europe. Wait, seven years? Wtf? It used to be that I HAD to go at least every two years, just to keep my sanity. But somehow, moving to Colorado changed that and I haven't cared as much about escaping to foreign lands. Well while it's lovely that I adore where I live - I miss my wanderlust. It's who I am! My guess is that this trip will be all I need to fire that back up again.

With only a week left, I've got a lot to do to get ready. Did you know that I am a master procrastinator? It's true, I am a master procrastinator. I always wait until the very last minute to do just about anything. But I'm trying to be better in my prep with this trip because packing the night before and frantic last moment shopping is stressful. That said, I'm supposed to be out beach-outfit shopping right now and am blogging instead, so...old habits die hard. But I have accomplished one big trip-prep thing in buying a new laptop. I sold my heavy 15" Macbook Pro and brought home a new travel-friendly 13" model instead. It's super cute and way faster than my old one. 

So I should probably make a to-do list or something, huh? That sounds like a very get-stuff-done type of thing to do, very anti-procrastination. I'll do that right after breakfast.

Posted on July 10, 2014 .