MIA and June beauty faves

Well hello there. Yes, I know I've been a little, um, quiet in the last week but I've been working a bit on my job situation. You know, the whole "not-enjoying-it-and-not-making-enough-money" thing? Well I won't go into too much detail for a topic as boring as work, but I will say that the result was that I have been working 6 days a week for the past couple of weeks and it's started to leave me in a slight zombie-like state. Not exactly ideal for blogging. But don't cry for me yet because it should be coming to an end shortly and that end will involve 10 days on the beach in San SebastiΓ‘n ;)

Another nice little reprieve from the work craziness will be the Denver Polo Classic, which is being held this weekend in Littleton. I'll be there on Saturday and am excited for my first polo tournament-party-people watching experience and I'm praying that there will be some form of air conditioning going in the tents since it's forecasted to be about 90 degrees that afternoon. I guess I'll be doing a braided hairstyle and light makeup look so that if I start to melt (which I usually do), I won't look too ridiculous.

Speaking of beauty looks (which is the real reason you're reading this, no?), Sephora and I have been downright besties lately. I've put up pics of my recent hauls on Instagram but I wanted to take a moment to shout out a few of my current faves. I'm a sucker for Sephora's 500-point sample packs but only when certain brands are on offer, namely Laura Mercier, Make Up For Ever (new fave) and, of course, my beloved NARS. Recently there was a NARS pack which included a blush called Deep Throat and it's a gorgeous pink that adds a super pretty and natural flush to the cheeks. It strikes me as the kind of color that would be flattering on all skin tones so go get it now and thank me later. I've been using it every day - it's that good. My next new favorites are a trio of manicure items. I'll just list them quickly because I plan to go into them a bit more in an upcoming post. And believe it or not, they're all from Sephora Collection. CLEANSE which is used to clean the nail so that your mani products stick better (just like they do at the salon!), SMOOTH - a ridge filler and DRY - their nail drying drops which seriously work and have left me with pretty flawless manicures in less time than usual. My last June fave is Bumble and Bumble's Cityswept Finish spray. It is one of the items I was gifted at the Grand Salon / Bumble and Bumble / Sephora VIB event and I just. can't. stop. with this spray. It adds shine and a light to medium hold, which is exactly how I like it. Apparently it's also supposed to add texture and separation for a "street style" look. While I can't say I've noticed that specifically, I do usually feel like my hair is sexier (if I do say so myself) after spraying it on, so maybe that's the same thing. A few pics are below, but tell me, what should I check out as a possible July fave? I have a big trip coming up and would love anything that's easy to use, waterproof and hot weather friendly. I want to be low maintenance but still cute, so I'm on the hunt!

Posted on June 24, 2014 .