my so-called fabulous life: back at it

What has life been like in the last two weeks for me here in the Mile High City? Welllll...hectic, to say the least. Unfortunately I can't blame working out because I've actually fallen pretty seriously off track with my fitness goals (insert shame face). Ugh, I've reallly got to get it together on that front. It's been hard because I haven't been motivated to grocery shop or cook for myself lately. But on the upside, I have been keeping busy with some fantastic things. The latest was just this weekend when I went to an awesome party thrown by Bumble and Bumble and Grand Salon. Believe it or not, it was offered as a 500 point reward through Sephora's Beauty Insider program for VIB level shoppers only. So, I've shopped at Sephora for a very long time now, pretty much since they first opened here in the States, and let me say that while I've enjoyed their samples and loyalty program a lot - this event just took my brand loyalty with them to new heights. I was thrilled to be able to redeem my shopping reward points to go to a swanky party, check out new products and get up close and personal with a popular brand. It was well worth it! I'm actually a big fan of Kerastase and pretty much use their products exclusively, so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about with Bumble and Bumble. I had the perfect opportunity here with the mini styling services offered during the party which featured products chosen based on your hair type. The awesome Corinne used BB Tonic, Straight Blow Dry and the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil on me and refreshed my second-day hair so it was soft and sleek - and honestly I haven't been able to stop touching my hair since. Hmm, I just may have to hop on over to Sephora to pick up the products to play around with a bit on my own. Now about the salon...I have admittedly been living blissfully in the Matthew Morris Salon bubble for a while now. I love that spot, the stylists are amazing and they're always doing events and have amazing PR, especially when Matthew jets off to one of any number of fashion weeks that he works. But I last checked out the Denver salon scene, oh, I don't know, 4 years ago? For some reason I thought that MM Salon didn't have a ton of competition but clearly I was mistaken. And while I still pledge allegiance to Brooke and Ashley at Matthew Morris, if they ever moved I could totally see trying out the folks at Grand. I'm actually pretty excited because my friend made an appointment for cut and color and I'm sure her hair will turn out amazingly. I can't wrap up this wrap-up without mentioning the party itself. There was champagne and white wine, cucumber water, delicious catered small bites (provided by the coming-soon Sartos restaurant). There was a DJ spinning the perfect beauty party mix, models showing off editorial hairstyles, swag (yayyyy gift bags!) and giveaways. Check out my pics below for a little bit of everything.

Posted on April 28, 2014 and filed under fabulous denver.