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By Friday night, I was a girl exhausted. I've been working too much! Money is great but I haven't had time for much of anything except work. Surely you've noticed the lack of party time posts or pics of tempting meals at amazing restaurants around town. I was in need of a break, Amanda-style. Meaning, must be fashion, food or travel related. A walk around the park or yoga class would not cut it. Well lucky me, there was a fall fashion soiree in Cherry Creek that night - in perfect timing with both my fall fashion post and to save me from my workaholic self. I love how life works out sometimes!

So the event was called Celebrate Fashion. It was a showcase for Cherry Creek's boutiques and a fundraiser for Denver Health Foundation. Win-win. So how was it? Hmm, let's see. Cocktails? Check. Yummy food? Check. Special shopping events? Check. Fashion Show? All the checks. This was one of Cherry Creek North's signature annual events and by this point, I'm hooked. It doesn't hurt that Celebrate Fashion helped in my what-to-wear-and-where-to-shop-for-fall considerations. Truth be told, I have my regular places that I always hit up when looking for new clothes but I've been looking to add a few local boutiques to that list. With this show, I think I finally found a few to call my own here in the Mile High.

My faves? Let's start with Inspyre Boutique. They showed looks that were exactly my style, while taking it up a notch in fashionista levels. The quilted knee jeans, leather leggings and flawy vests had me ready to whip out my Amex. It doesn't hurt that every piece in their shop is under $100(!) which makes it a great spot for a fashion lover on a budget. 

Photo courtesy of  The Denver Post .

Photo courtesy of The Denver Post.

Alicia, the Boutique. Check out their cool brand line-up and what they sent down the runway. I could definitely see myself in the patterned dresses and full skirts they chose for the show. (I made plenty of mental notes of what to wear for a few upcoming events.)

Gabarini. I'm seriously considering giving up my apartment and going to live in a corner of this gorgeous shop. I dare you to check out their designer roster and gem of a boutique and tell me you wouldn't be tempted, too. They also put on a great show - minus the slightly school-girl look in the front, I'd wear every single thing on that runway. The leather, the jeans, the skirts, pretty sure I need it all. And of course, it doesn't hurt that they paired with Europtics, my long-standing favorite place to indulge my minor sunglass obsession. The models were wearing Thierry Lasry sunnies which was extra exciting because I've been hellbent on adding a pair or two to my collection for about a year now.  

Photo via  Denver Post .

Photo via Denver Post.

Those jeans! Photo via  Denver Post .

Those jeans! Photo via Denver Post.

All in all, it was a very successful night and just what I needed to come back to my senses. I found a few new favorite shopping spots in Cherry Creek, a brand new favorite vodka (Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, I'm looking at you) and got to have a couple dress-shaped cookies courtesy of So Perfect Eats which was one of my faves from the Food & Wine Event last month. Once again, it seems that when in Denver, Cherry Creek has everything I need to satisfy my jet set heart and is a big reason I love calling this city home. 

Final walk!:

Sweet Tea vodka that tastes just like sweet tea. Makes a killer Arnold Palmer. Everyone else couldn't get enough of the Real Grapefruit version.

Sweet Tea vodka that tastes just like sweet tea. Makes a killer Arnold Palmer. Everyone else couldn't get enough of the Real Grapefruit version.

Cookie monster. Diet #fail but worth it.

Cookie monster. Diet #fail but worth it.

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