jet set closet: countdown to fall

Hey guys, fall is almost here. At this point, I've just about survived my least favorite season (summer) by hiding in air conditioned spaces, running away to Europe for a few weeks and...more hiding in air conditioned spaces. Oh yes, I was shameless in my devotion to the indoors. Although I did make the mistake of going to a festival on a super hot and humid day earlier in the summer and the results were ehhh...unfortunate, to say the least. #neveragain But I put that behind me, now fall is almost here and I'm nearly freeeee from 80+ degree temps for another 9 months. Hooray. No wait, make that...HOORAYYY! 

So between all the overtime I've been doing at work recently and my lovely shopping compulsion, you know I'm already on the lookout for ways to freshen up my wardrobe for fall. In the last couple of years I've amassed a few collections - scarves, boots, sunglasses, but still I'm often struggling when I go to get dressed. This year I really need to focus on building out my knitwear, denim, layering pieces (tees, tanks, etc) and jewelry wardrobes. I need some shoes, too - namely ankle boots and sneakers. And I'd really like to grab this Rick Owens leather jacket. Vince also has similar styles and amazing quality but for less than half the price of this one. Once I meet my ultimate #fitnessfriday goals, I'll celebrate by finally owning this wardrobe staple. 

Rick Owens,  Net-a-Porter  $2,620

Rick Owens, Net-a-Porter $2,620

As luck would have it, knitwear was a part of every trend report I've seen for fall. No, I'm not really into trends and yes, knits are a total no-brainer for the cooler months but if it's a trend focus that means there will be a cooler-than-usual selection, so count me in for this one.

From 's Fall 2014 trend roundup. 

From's Fall 2014 trend roundup. 

Apparently blanket coats are also a thing and let me take a wild guess as to where that might have come from...

Burberry Prorsum. $1400-ish.

Burberry Prorsum. $1400-ish.

Darn you Burberry and your fabulous fabulousness. No doubt this is great but I'm still torn - in some pics I love it and in others I think there has to be a better version out there. Well if there is one, I will find it. Let the hunt begin.

Time for another ballet workout but here's my shoe wish list so far. Just click on the picture to see the current full list on Pinterest and I'll be adding more as I get my online shopping on through the weekend.

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Posted on September 18, 2014 .