sweat it out: gym search, Ballet Beautiful and #fitnessfriday

I love to workout, but I just can't deal with most gyms. To avoid crowded classes or waiting for equipment, I usually workout only at home or in private training sessions. That's one thing I miss about NYC, I had my favorite fitness spots and I was spoiled rotten. I worked out at Equinox and the Reebok Sports Club/LA which were both places I could hang out all. day. long. What was so great about them? The staff, the equipment, the locker rooms (one word: plush), the spa, and even the classes since they were usually cutting edge, led by phenomenal instructors and limited in size. And both gyms also had fantastic cafes so I'd literally go in the morning, workout, take a snack or lunch break, get a massage, do some yoga and thus wind up spending nearly all day at the gym. I miss that! So now I'm currently searching for the Colorado equivalent to my NYC fitness havens. I'm thinking a petition for Equinox to open a location in Denver is totally in order, don't you think?

In the meantime, I am getting my sweat on at home. I've got all the same goals most of us do and big plans to follow when I meet them, so I'm one motivated girl. Bonus: I'm nicer when I get a good workout in. I don't have a trainer to come to my home but I just started Ballet Beautiful, which funny enough has an option to do private workouts with a trainer via Skype. But for now I'm just working with the DVDs and streaming videos and let me tell you, Ballet Beautiful only looks easy. Seriously, if you were to watch any of the routines, you'd think you weren't in for much of a challenge but then about one minute into the workout it becomes clear that you were very, very wrong. Be warned that Mary Helen (trainer and creator of the system) likes to do 32 reps of each exercise so if you're not a fan of high-rep workouts, this one isn't for you. Since I just started this a week before having to take a 2.5 week long break (due to the trip), I'll have to update you on results after I get back and into the routine again. But I'll take this chance to declare every Friday #fitnessfriday on Jet Set Heart where I'll give an update on my week's fitness adventures and any new fitness fashion and gadget favorites. That last part is a must because cute fitness fashion is honestly half the battle for me to enjoy my workouts in the first place. You too? We have so much in common ;) Take a look at my current wish list and be sure to let me know what's on yours!