down to the wire and...does my wish list ever end?

T minus ONE day to takeoff and I'm finally taking care of my trip prep to do list like a boss. Whoo hoo. I spent the morning making phone call after phone call, sending emails, straightening out my calendar and am about to head out for some (more) last minute shopping. Yeah that's right, more shopping. I spent the last few days stocking up on cute summer pieces and now I have some last minute swimwear issues to attend to. While I'm excited to finally get away, I seriously wish I had a couple of more months to get ready for this. Although I fully realize that anything I have left undone is entirely the fault of my procrastinating self. I get it, change is a process, whatever. 

I'll have to point out my new pieces in my live-from-the-road posts, but I wanted to share with you a few things I'm already planning to snag once I get back. One thing I'm taking with me is a new T-bags maxi dress that I found and am absolutely obsessed while I hate the brand name (I mean c'mon...T-bags?), I think their stuff is amazing. I want to grab one in all black because it is the perfect casual but dress-up-flexible piece for summer nights and I could even see it going into fall with the right layering strategy (Rick Owens draped leather jacket, anyone?). The biggest reason behind my new obsession - the cut and drape of this dress will flatter pretty much any figure and make you look good even on, um, "fat" days. You know what I'm talking about. If you're on the shorter side, you'll have to trim the unfinished edge of the dress so you're not dragging it on the ground. I'm 5'8" and it hits the top of my feet. 

Ok, so these are for fall, but I have my eye on these booties from Pedro Garcia. A few months ago, these slouchy ankle lovelies went on sale down to $119 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that type of goodness to happen again. 

Aside from these pieces, I also have to start planning a few Vegas-worthy outfits because I'm going to spend a few days there in September. Hooray, I see more swimsuit and dress shopping in my future.

Posted on July 16, 2014 .