EYECANDY / sugar rush

I'd bet you'd like to hear a bit about a little event I attended on Saturday night. After my FB posts and pre-party blog, I'd say it's only fair that I share the post party deets too. So, how was it? Well surprise, surprise - as expected, this year's Matthew Morris Salon anniversary party (titled EYECANDY) was utterly fabulous.

My friends and I decided to arrive about half an hour after the party started, figuring it would give us enough time before the fashion show to enjoy the open bar and food without being the first ones there. Well we got there, half an hour into it as planned and the place was already packed! I guess the sold out crowd started to pour in as soon as the doors opened. Out of the three MM parties I've been to, this had to be the biggest crowd yet. Luckily it's always a treat to mingle with the more fashion-minded crowd of Denver and in my opinion, the bigger the crowd, the better. The only downside was a lengthy wait to take advantage of the open bar. We handled that with a little creativity and ordered two drinks each at our first go round so that we could drink and check out the party without having to get back in line again. Skinny Girl Margaritas in hand, we headed to check out the items available in the silent auction which included - a football signed by last year's Broncos team! A weekend in Miami! And...packages for services at the new, coming-soon MM Salon location! The auction lineup was seriously fabulous and with proceeds from the night benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the auction winners spent their money very well. By now we were ready to eat and even though most of the food was finished by this time, the small bites I was able to try left me wanting more from joint caterers AMBLI and Epernay. So the food was yummy, there just needed to be more of it. Then we had enough time to grab one more drink before heading inside to take our seats for the runway show, which featured lingerie looks from SOL Lingerie and A-Line boutique and this is where I'll let a few pictures and videos speak for themselves:

We came out of the show to find a DJ spinning 80's and 90's awesomeness to get people dancing and a most amazing dessert bar sponsored by Sugarlicious - which, if I discovered anything as I was stuffing my face with their gourmet flavored gummy bears, it was that I have to visit that shop ASAP. There were mini cupcakes (from Smallcakes and so good!), rock candies, chocolate and other goodies and then other classic candies in bowls around the party - ring pops, blow pops, dot candies, pop rocks - there was some serious candy nostalgia going on in there and it was epic. It was a great wrap up to a fabulous night. Open bar, yummy food, fantastic runway show, stylish crowd, awesome DJ, etc, etc...this, my friends, is why I will clear my calendar for a Matthew Morris party - they simply never disappoint. 

Posted on June 10, 2014 and filed under fabulous denver.