my so-called fabulous life: party of the year! and...what to wear?

Have I mentioned that my summer is going to be crazy? It is going to be crazy. It all kicked off last weekend with my first visit to Glenwood Springs and continues this Saturday with what I have been calling "the party of the year". It's the annual Matthew Morris Salon's anniversary party and it is going to be BIG - as they usually are. Here's what the Denver Post had to say after last year's party: 

"Nothing about Matthew Morris, his south Broadway salon, or the parties he throws are without epic attention to some very boss details."

Hmm...sounds about right to me. Last year's party involved a fashion show staged around a rare, vintage limousine parked right in the middle of the salon (all styling stations were removed for the party). There was a fabulous open bar, unlimited sushi (served around a luxe ice sculpture), DJ and then casino games after the fashion show. Then the fun continued at the official afterparty at Epernay Lounge downtown. I've been out and about in Denver a lot in the last year and a half and have yet to find anything else that compares to the parties thrown at Matthew Morris, so I'm pretty darn excited for this one. So now for the same question that always comes up, what on earth am I going to wear? Well maybe I can get inspiration from the official description of the event: 

"...Inspired by 80's excess, Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare presents EYE CANDY; a runway extravaganza full of sugar and spice, everything from naughty to nice.

A night of sophisticated collaboration; from SOL Lingerie and A-Line Boutique delivering an elegant edge to fashion artistry featuring collections on the runway that will be one to remember, to Epernay Lounge and Sugarlicious delivering pure indulgence in taste. Creating a night of "artistry and flair" says Black-Tie Colorado, the parties host a killer crowd- "the most dapper of Denver's male hipster population" says The Denver Post, and the most fashionable ladies, and well-connect mile high socialites in Denver." sounds like I need to bring my "A" game for this one. I really like this look that I saw on Jessica Biel and will be out over the next few days trying to put together something similar. I'm thinking I can try to channel 80's excess in my hair and makeup if I can't recreate that most amazing (and appropo) body jewelry:

Loooook! She's carrying the Chanel lego clutch I mentioned in  this  post.

Loooook! She's carrying the Chanel lego clutch I mentioned in this post.

Seeing as how A-Line boutique is one of the party's sponsors, I immediately checked out their site and found this fantastic dress for a great option to creating a look similar to Jessica's. Picture it topped with body jewelry or a fantastic, heavy statement necklace: 

Sleeveless Dress with Pleated Side, L'Agence. $315 at  A Line Boutique .

Sleeveless Dress with Pleated Side, L'Agence. $315 at A Line Boutique.

The party is Saturday evening, so look for a post on Sunday with pics of my final look and shots from the night! 

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