L'Oreal La Palette Nude 2: #VFSC swag - First Look

It's here! A first look at the U.S version of the Nude 2 palette by L'Oreal, which is poised to get you your rose-toned nude eyeshadow fix without emptying your wallet. When I first grabbed this from the VFSC Twitter machine, I didn't realize that it wasn't yet available for sale. But then I did what I always do - Google for reviews and tutorials, but all I found were blog posts that talked about the palette being released in the U.K. and a maybe-coming-soon U.S. release since displays had been spotted going up in stores like Target and Walmart. Is it really possible this hasn't come out stateside yet? Well no worries whether it has or it hasn't, because I have a chance for you to win one for yourself. All details are in the video!

As promised, here's a look at the back of the palette: 

So what did you guys think of the Glamour Undone look? Here are a few more pics:

I've been using this nonstop since I picked it up. Palettes are awesome for travel and my favorite for when I have just a few minutes to get ready in the morning, so I get very excited whenever I get a new one. Usually I just swipe on one or two of the colors but I love the color-by-numbers action on the back of the palette. The other night I tried the Sultry Smokey for a birthday dinner and to me it looked like a more intense version of Glamour Undone. Do not worry, more pics are coming in the next few days. Are you guys more anxious to see one of the looks more than the others? Let me know in the comments below and I can start with that one. 

Stay lovely my friends!