lucky girl, part 2: Winter X Games, Aspen

Nearly a year ago I started this blog with a post titled "lucky girl" and I've come back to that idea again lately, thinking a lot about how lucky I really am. I'm lucky to be healthy. I'm lucky to be old enough to know better when I need to but young-at-heart enough to be open to new adventures. I'm lucky that one day I decided to just start doing the things I always said I'd do "if only" and a quick look over last year's posts show that I'm off to a pretty good start. And it's only going to get better in 2015. Do you guys feel the same for your new year? 

So to kick off 2015 for Jet Set Heart, I'm headed to Aspen for the weekend. FINALLY! I was supposed to go last year but then got bronchitis and had to cancel last minute. The official reason for this trip is to hang out at the X Games, but you know as well as I do that shopping and munching are always the main attractions for me. So as soon as we get there, I'm making a bee line for the Barton Perreira boutique. Expect a lot of awkward selfies because I'll be diving face first into all of their new frames that I haven't had the chance yet to see in person. After that, my friends will have to come drag me out of Prada. Prada! I'm about to fall over with happiness just saying that beautiful little Italian name. I adore Denver but for crying out loud, where are all of the big name designer boutiques? (Answer: In Aspen, FOUR hours away). 

Normally, I'd do a whole "what to wear?" post in preparation for the trip, but a) I don't have time (we're leaving tonight) and b) Uggs. It is going to be cold, so...Uggs. It's going to be snowy, so...Uggs. Uggs are my only answer and me and my future-cozy feet are quite ok with that. So if you want to find me this weekend, I'll be the girl on Buttermilk Mountain wearing blue jeans, Uggs, a cozy coat (down puffer or wool Mackage), a bit of Chanel and probably my new Thierry Lasry's (reveal post to come). Come say hi!

Stay lovely :)
- A

Posted on January 23, 2015 .