the great OJ epiphany and dry elbow worries

Traveling with folks who like to drink to exhaustion is...well, exhausting. As much as I love to travel and be away from home, I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular health routine, my stash of green teas, vitamix, and favorite avocado and tomato breakfasts instead of the pastries we've been downing. And about two seconds into my first fresh squeezed orange juice and croissant breakfast here, I realized that I need a citrus juicer. Yes, need. I'm not even sure how I lived this long without one - drinking store bought orange juice as if it doesn't make a difference. It does! I'm not thrilled with the idea of adding yet another appliance to my itty bitty kitchen but fresh squeezed OJ is magic, guys.

I also miss the dry Colorado climate. Mainly because I schvitz like a mofo in the slightest amount of humidity. I usually just tell people that I'm melting and then they think my icky sweatiness is cute. But this trip has made me realize that while I desperately miss it, dry air is kind of crap for your skin. Having spent nearly two weeks in this humid little seaside town, all of my body skin woes have resolved on their own - no more dry elbows, heels, cuticles, or those little bumps I always get on the back of my arms. And come to think of it, I only got them after moving to CO in the first place. Now that I'm addicted to having soft elbows, I've got to find a way to keep this up. What are the odds that those cute little Evian misters are the answer? Guess I'll find out soon, because I plan to carry one 24-7 after I get home. But be warned that should they fail, the second my elbows start to shrivel up again I'm packing up for the nearest beach town.

And now, enjoy this ridiculous photo my friend took of me dancing at the Jazzaldia festival. The humidity had my hair in full super curl mode but I swear, it was actually cute that night. I was doing the "had too much wine" dance. You know how that goes.

Jazz hands at Jazzaldia.

Jazz hands at Jazzaldia.

Posted on July 31, 2014 .