#fitnessfriday: workout style

It's #fitnessfriday! I do realize that I may have, um...inadvertently missed last week's fitness friday but don't hold it against me. You just have no idea the kind of internet access I had to put up with and I didn't have it in me to spend hours uploading a single photo. Nevermind putting together a gallery - that was absolutely impossible. So please forgive me loves! Plus we had traveled so much in those first few days that at some point I couldn't even remember what day it was or even where I was on the continent, ha. Plus, my ankles were swollen, does that get me any sympathy? But I DO have a lot of pics to share, I'll just have to do it when I get home. For now, back to our regularly scheduled programming... 


Ok, so I'm currently off the bandwagon and until I get back I absolutely will not be worrying much about working out or eating great while I'm away. In fact, my plan is to eat anything and everything that looks fabulous and interesting and I'll just have to live on the elliptical and in dance classes for weeks after I get back. That should be interesting to report on, but while I won't be sharing much today to work on the fitness part of #fitnessfriday, I can certainly contribute to the shopping part of it. As I get further into the whole ballet and yoga workout situation, I'm starting to have visions of a sleek, dancer-inspired workout wardrobe. Although I'm a Nike girl, I'm also newly obsessed with Net-a-porter's freshly launched sportswear section. As if I need another excuse to be a crazy shiny happy fashion lady, now I can even be that girl while working out. Truth be told, I typically have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on workout clothing since I'm currently working out at home - out of sight, so really, what's the point? But as soon as I have a reason to venture out into public to workout, I'll go tear a few leaves off my money tree to buy these pieces ASAP. 

Printed leggings are in. my. future. But I had an airhead moment when I first found these...I thought the print was described as a stretch black and white graphic of Jersey, as in - New Jersey. As a native New Yorker my first thought was, "oh heck no" and to find an alternative  pair ASAP but then I woke up a little and actually read the item description. 

And finally, I had no idea but why not - I guess I DO need a clutch for the gym! This is every purse-crazy girl's dream, so how very thoughtful of you, Net-A-Porter!

I'm feeling extra motivated already! I don't ever want this vacation to end but I do look forward to getting back and taking care of myself. 

Posted on July 25, 2014 and filed under fashion, fitnessfriday.