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Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2015 - front row picks

Daydream with me for a moment will you? Let's pretend that I have actually won the lottery. Where do you think I would be right now? Yep, in Paris, front and center for the fashion shows this week. First of all, it's practically a fact that Paris was my hometown in a previous life, so the first thing I'd do with my lotto winnings is buy an apartment in the city. Second of all - and you probably already suspect this about me, but I might just have a thing for designer fashion. So really, where else could I be? But since I haven't won any jackpots (yet), I did the next best thing and flipped through the shows at Be warned, it is very easy to get lost in those gorgeous galleries and I spotted more than a few things I would immediately buy. Meaning, our little daydream would end with me plunking down the Amex black, ripping the samples off the models and running off to live in my designer dud filled closet...happily ever after.


Can a fashion house be a spirit animal? I'm thinking yes and Chanel is it for me

I'd like to respectfully request that someone give me all of the Chanel arm candy. Please and thank you.

And the clothing...

The rest of my fantasy shopping list from the recent Spring 2015 shows:

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