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Paris Fashion Week, Spring 2015 - front row picks

Daydream with me for a moment will you? Let's pretend that I have actually won the lottery. Where do you think I would be right now? Yep, in Paris, front and center for the fashion shows this week. First of all, it's practically a fact that Paris was my hometown in a previous life, so the first thing I'd do with my lotto winnings is buy an apartment in the city. Second of all - and you probably already suspect this about me, but I might just have a thing for designer fashion. So really, where else could I be? But since I haven't won any jackpots (yet), I did the next best thing and flipped through the shows at Be warned, it is very easy to get lost in those gorgeous galleries and I spotted more than a few things I would immediately buy. Meaning, our little daydream would end with me plunking down the Amex black, ripping the samples off the models and running off to live in my designer dud filled closet...happily ever after.


Can a fashion house be a spirit animal? I'm thinking yes and Chanel is it for me

I'd like to respectfully request that someone give me all of the Chanel arm candy. Please and thank you.

And the clothing...

The rest of my fantasy shopping list from the recent Spring 2015 shows:

All images courtesy of

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fabulous Denver: CCN Celebrate Fashion

By Friday night, I was a girl exhausted. I've been working too much! Money is great but I haven't had time for much of anything except work. Surely you've noticed the lack of party time posts or pics of tempting meals at amazing restaurants around town. I was in need of a break, Amanda-style. Meaning, must be fashion, food or travel related. A walk around the park or yoga class would not cut it. Well lucky me, there was a fall fashion soiree in Cherry Creek that night - in perfect timing with both my fall fashion post and to save me from my workaholic self. I love how life works out sometimes!

So the event was called Celebrate Fashion. It was a showcase for Cherry Creek's boutiques and a fundraiser for Denver Health Foundation. Win-win. So how was it? Hmm, let's see. Cocktails? Check. Yummy food? Check. Special shopping events? Check. Fashion Show? All the checks. This was one of Cherry Creek North's signature annual events and by this point, I'm hooked. It doesn't hurt that Celebrate Fashion helped in my what-to-wear-and-where-to-shop-for-fall considerations. Truth be told, I have my regular places that I always hit up when looking for new clothes but I've been looking to add a few local boutiques to that list. With this show, I think I finally found a few to call my own here in the Mile High.

My faves? Let's start with Inspyre Boutique. They showed looks that were exactly my style, while taking it up a notch in fashionista levels. The quilted knee jeans, leather leggings and flawy vests had me ready to whip out my Amex. It doesn't hurt that every piece in their shop is under $100(!) which makes it a great spot for a fashion lover on a budget. 

Photo courtesy of  The Denver Post .

Photo courtesy of The Denver Post.

Alicia, the Boutique. Check out their cool brand line-up and what they sent down the runway. I could definitely see myself in the patterned dresses and full skirts they chose for the show. (I made plenty of mental notes of what to wear for a few upcoming events.)

Gabarini. I'm seriously considering giving up my apartment and going to live in a corner of this gorgeous shop. I dare you to check out their designer roster and gem of a boutique and tell me you wouldn't be tempted, too. They also put on a great show - minus the slightly school-girl look in the front, I'd wear every single thing on that runway. The leather, the jeans, the skirts, pretty sure I need it all. And of course, it doesn't hurt that they paired with Europtics, my long-standing favorite place to indulge my minor sunglass obsession. The models were wearing Thierry Lasry sunnies which was extra exciting because I've been hellbent on adding a pair or two to my collection for about a year now.  

Photo via  Denver Post .

Photo via Denver Post.

Those jeans! Photo via  Denver Post .

Those jeans! Photo via Denver Post.

All in all, it was a very successful night and just what I needed to come back to my senses. I found a few new favorite shopping spots in Cherry Creek, a brand new favorite vodka (Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, I'm looking at you) and got to have a couple dress-shaped cookies courtesy of So Perfect Eats which was one of my faves from the Food & Wine Event last month. Once again, it seems that when in Denver, Cherry Creek has everything I need to satisfy my jet set heart and is a big reason I love calling this city home. 

Final walk!:

Sweet Tea vodka that tastes just like sweet tea. Makes a killer Arnold Palmer. Everyone else couldn't get enough of the Real Grapefruit version.

Sweet Tea vodka that tastes just like sweet tea. Makes a killer Arnold Palmer. Everyone else couldn't get enough of the Real Grapefruit version.

Cookie monster. Diet #fail but worth it.

Cookie monster. Diet #fail but worth it.

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bag love: Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

If you know me you know that I am a Chanel girl. In fact, I was in Nordstroms a few weeks ago and this salesperson started chatting me up and told me about a few new Chanel sunglasses that came in and he said he just HAD to tell me about them because I looked like a Chanel girl to him. Well, thank you Mr. Salesguy (really, you were super fab) and I’m sure that I just naturally ooze a Chanel vibe all over the place and it had nothing to do with the bag I was wearing that day or your potential commission. That being said, I still ate it up like a dufus as if “Chanel girl” is an actual compliment to most people. But really, Chanel is my number one favorite fashion house and if they sold toothbrush covers, I’d probably run out and buy one ASAP. Yes I know this is a sickness - albeit a gorgeous, expensive, quilted sickness which, when you say it like that - it doesn’t actually sound like a bad thing.

Anyway, before I get too off topic, this post really is just meant to highlight one of my favorite bags. I didn't use it much over the last year until I decided to drag it out of my closet to take along on my recent trip. The Grand Shopping Tote (GST) easily held all of my (way too many) in-flight essentials and also was perfect for the days when I needed to carry a little more with me as I toured the city. Bonus points for this tote because as much as I love my designer goodies, I hate to flash logos and that's easily avoided with this one - I just wear it with the double C's against my body and the pocket facing away. Boom, problem solved. 

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#fitnessfriday: workout style

It's #fitnessfriday! I do realize that I may have, um...inadvertently missed last week's fitness friday but don't hold it against me. You just have no idea the kind of internet access I had to put up with and I didn't have it in me to spend hours uploading a single photo. Nevermind putting together a gallery - that was absolutely impossible. So please forgive me loves! Plus we had traveled so much in those first few days that at some point I couldn't even remember what day it was or even where I was on the continent, ha. Plus, my ankles were swollen, does that get me any sympathy? But I DO have a lot of pics to share, I'll just have to do it when I get home. For now, back to our regularly scheduled programming... 


Ok, so I'm currently off the bandwagon and until I get back I absolutely will not be worrying much about working out or eating great while I'm away. In fact, my plan is to eat anything and everything that looks fabulous and interesting and I'll just have to live on the elliptical and in dance classes for weeks after I get back. That should be interesting to report on, but while I won't be sharing much today to work on the fitness part of #fitnessfriday, I can certainly contribute to the shopping part of it. As I get further into the whole ballet and yoga workout situation, I'm starting to have visions of a sleek, dancer-inspired workout wardrobe. Although I'm a Nike girl, I'm also newly obsessed with Net-a-porter's freshly launched sportswear section. As if I need another excuse to be a crazy shiny happy fashion lady, now I can even be that girl while working out. Truth be told, I typically have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on workout clothing since I'm currently working out at home - out of sight, so really, what's the point? But as soon as I have a reason to venture out into public to workout, I'll go tear a few leaves off my money tree to buy these pieces ASAP. 

Printed leggings are in. my. future. But I had an airhead moment when I first found these...I thought the print was described as a stretch black and white graphic of Jersey, as in - New Jersey. As a native New Yorker my first thought was, "oh heck no" and to find an alternative  pair ASAP but then I woke up a little and actually read the item description. 

And finally, I had no idea but why not - I guess I DO need a clutch for the gym! This is every purse-crazy girl's dream, so how very thoughtful of you, Net-A-Porter!

I'm feeling extra motivated already! I don't ever want this vacation to end but I do look forward to getting back and taking care of myself. 

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jet set closet: #obsessed - Barton Perriera

I love to have fab plans during the day because...well, first that usually includes brunch and you know how much I love brunch and second...daytime = beautiful, bright sunshine most days here in Colorado and that means I get to rock a pair of my favorite sunglasses. Don't ask me when it happened, but somewhere along the line I turned into quite the eyewear lover and now yes, I am that girl who needs a little extra time in the morning to carefully pick out her pair for the day. I've even been known to switch to a different pair mid-day. To give you an idea of what I'm working with, here is a shot of my current collection:

Looking for ideas on how to display or store a (quickly-growing) sunglass collection. If you have tips, email me!

Looking for ideas on how to display or store a (quickly-growing) sunglass collection. If you have tips, email me!

And my current favorite pair:

The Dalziel! My iPhone doesn't do it justice.

The Dalziel! My iPhone doesn't do it justice.

So right now I have a few Oliver Peoples, one Chanel, Salt Optics and Paul (Smith?) and the rest - all 19 of them - are from Barton Perreira. Obviously it is by far my favorite brand and that's simply because season after season the styles are consistently so creative, sexy, classic yet fashion forward (IMHO). One look at Patty Perreira, the brand's insanely talented and cool designer and you'll understand where it comes from.

If you want to see more of my collection, follow me on Instagram (@jetsetheart) because I often feature them there. But I'll also start including OOTD posts here on the blog and you can bet on seeing lots of Barton Perreira - there's just no way around it since I wear them pretty much every day. But today's post isn't about what I have. Instead it's all about what's on my wish list. New styles were added to earlier in the week and since then I've just been here completely flipping out over all of them. The one thing about living in Denver is that, unlike NYC or LA, it sometimes takes longer for new fashion goodies to be stocked at our department stores and boutiques so I wind up seeing a lot of things online before I get to check them out in person. Then again, did you know that there are only TWO Barton Perreira boutiques in the whole country (yes, two!) and I'm lucky enough to have one of them right here in Colorado. Soooo worse comes to worse, I could just jump in my car for a quick little 3.5 hour drive to Aspen to raid the Barton Perreira boutique directly. And one day I'll probably actually do that, but for now I'll settle for placing 30-gajillion special orders through my verrrry patient saleslady at Europtics (if you're in Denver, go see Azra at the Cherry Creek location). That way I can see EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE and color combo I'm drooling over. Anywho, now for the good stuff...

The Farrow. You can check out this frame in 6 different colorways on Barton Perreira's site and I'm debating between 4 of the 6. I can already tell I will have a very hard time picking just one to take home...which would you choose?

Edie. I featured this one on my Instagram and my nickname for this version is the ALL. GOLD. EVERYTHING! Seriously, just loooook at could I resist?!?! But if you prefer a more subtle color combo, check out the other options shown on the site. The black with gold or silver with blue lenses are my next fave combinations in this frame.

Baez. The lenses on these two pairs are MIRRORED, folks. <insert "faint" emoticon here ;) > 

Shirelle and Gamine. Here are my fave colors but definitely go to the site (or your local optician) to see the full range.  

Seriously #obsessed, I want them all. 

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