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fabulous Denver: CCN Celebrate Fashion

By Friday night, I was a girl exhausted. I've been working too much! Money is great but I haven't had time for much of anything except work. Surely you've noticed the lack of party time posts or pics of tempting meals at amazing restaurants around town. I was in need of a break, Amanda-style. Meaning, must be fashion, food or travel related. A walk around the park or yoga class would not cut it. Well lucky me, there was a fall fashion soiree in Cherry Creek that night - in perfect timing with both my fall fashion post and to save me from my workaholic self. I love how life works out sometimes!

So the event was called Celebrate Fashion. It was a showcase for Cherry Creek's boutiques and a fundraiser for Denver Health Foundation. Win-win. So how was it? Hmm, let's see. Cocktails? Check. Yummy food? Check. Special shopping events? Check. Fashion Show? All the checks. This was one of Cherry Creek North's signature annual events and by this point, I'm hooked. It doesn't hurt that Celebrate Fashion helped in my what-to-wear-and-where-to-shop-for-fall considerations. Truth be told, I have my regular places that I always hit up when looking for new clothes but I've been looking to add a few local boutiques to that list. With this show, I think I finally found a few to call my own here in the Mile High.

My faves? Let's start with Inspyre Boutique. They showed looks that were exactly my style, while taking it up a notch in fashionista levels. The quilted knee jeans, leather leggings and flawy vests had me ready to whip out my Amex. It doesn't hurt that every piece in their shop is under $100(!) which makes it a great spot for a fashion lover on a budget. 

Photo courtesy of  The Denver Post .

Photo courtesy of The Denver Post.

Alicia, the Boutique. Check out their cool brand line-up and what they sent down the runway. I could definitely see myself in the patterned dresses and full skirts they chose for the show. (I made plenty of mental notes of what to wear for a few upcoming events.)

Gabarini. I'm seriously considering giving up my apartment and going to live in a corner of this gorgeous shop. I dare you to check out their designer roster and gem of a boutique and tell me you wouldn't be tempted, too. They also put on a great show - minus the slightly school-girl look in the front, I'd wear every single thing on that runway. The leather, the jeans, the skirts, pretty sure I need it all. And of course, it doesn't hurt that they paired with Europtics, my long-standing favorite place to indulge my minor sunglass obsession. The models were wearing Thierry Lasry sunnies which was extra exciting because I've been hellbent on adding a pair or two to my collection for about a year now.  

Photo via  Denver Post .

Photo via Denver Post.

Those jeans! Photo via  Denver Post .

Those jeans! Photo via Denver Post.

All in all, it was a very successful night and just what I needed to come back to my senses. I found a few new favorite shopping spots in Cherry Creek, a brand new favorite vodka (Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, I'm looking at you) and got to have a couple dress-shaped cookies courtesy of So Perfect Eats which was one of my faves from the Food & Wine Event last month. Once again, it seems that when in Denver, Cherry Creek has everything I need to satisfy my jet set heart and is a big reason I love calling this city home. 

Final walk!:

Sweet Tea vodka that tastes just like sweet tea. Makes a killer Arnold Palmer. Everyone else couldn't get enough of the Real Grapefruit version.

Sweet Tea vodka that tastes just like sweet tea. Makes a killer Arnold Palmer. Everyone else couldn't get enough of the Real Grapefruit version.

Cookie monster. Diet #fail but worth it.

Cookie monster. Diet #fail but worth it.

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EYECANDY / sugar rush

I'd bet you'd like to hear a bit about a little event I attended on Saturday night. After my FB posts and pre-party blog, I'd say it's only fair that I share the post party deets too. So, how was it? Well surprise, surprise - as expected, this year's Matthew Morris Salon anniversary party (titled EYECANDY) was utterly fabulous.

My friends and I decided to arrive about half an hour after the party started, figuring it would give us enough time before the fashion show to enjoy the open bar and food without being the first ones there. Well we got there, half an hour into it as planned and the place was already packed! I guess the sold out crowd started to pour in as soon as the doors opened. Out of the three MM parties I've been to, this had to be the biggest crowd yet. Luckily it's always a treat to mingle with the more fashion-minded crowd of Denver and in my opinion, the bigger the crowd, the better. The only downside was a lengthy wait to take advantage of the open bar. We handled that with a little creativity and ordered two drinks each at our first go round so that we could drink and check out the party without having to get back in line again. Skinny Girl Margaritas in hand, we headed to check out the items available in the silent auction which included - a football signed by last year's Broncos team! A weekend in Miami! And...packages for services at the new, coming-soon MM Salon location! The auction lineup was seriously fabulous and with proceeds from the night benefitting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the auction winners spent their money very well. By now we were ready to eat and even though most of the food was finished by this time, the small bites I was able to try left me wanting more from joint caterers AMBLI and Epernay. So the food was yummy, there just needed to be more of it. Then we had enough time to grab one more drink before heading inside to take our seats for the runway show, which featured lingerie looks from SOL Lingerie and A-Line boutique and this is where I'll let a few pictures and videos speak for themselves:

We came out of the show to find a DJ spinning 80's and 90's awesomeness to get people dancing and a most amazing dessert bar sponsored by Sugarlicious - which, if I discovered anything as I was stuffing my face with their gourmet flavored gummy bears, it was that I have to visit that shop ASAP. There were mini cupcakes (from Smallcakes and so good!), rock candies, chocolate and other goodies and then other classic candies in bowls around the party - ring pops, blow pops, dot candies, pop rocks - there was some serious candy nostalgia going on in there and it was epic. It was a great wrap up to a fabulous night. Open bar, yummy food, fantastic runway show, stylish crowd, awesome DJ, etc, etc...this, my friends, is why I will clear my calendar for a Matthew Morris party - they simply never disappoint. 

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my so-called fabulous life: party of the year! and...what to wear?

Have I mentioned that my summer is going to be crazy? It is going to be crazy. It all kicked off last weekend with my first visit to Glenwood Springs and continues this Saturday with what I have been calling "the party of the year". It's the annual Matthew Morris Salon's anniversary party and it is going to be BIG - as they usually are. Here's what the Denver Post had to say after last year's party: 

"Nothing about Matthew Morris, his south Broadway salon, or the parties he throws are without epic attention to some very boss details."

Hmm...sounds about right to me. Last year's party involved a fashion show staged around a rare, vintage limousine parked right in the middle of the salon (all styling stations were removed for the party). There was a fabulous open bar, unlimited sushi (served around a luxe ice sculpture), DJ and then casino games after the fashion show. Then the fun continued at the official afterparty at Epernay Lounge downtown. I've been out and about in Denver a lot in the last year and a half and have yet to find anything else that compares to the parties thrown at Matthew Morris, so I'm pretty darn excited for this one. So now for the same question that always comes up, what on earth am I going to wear? Well maybe I can get inspiration from the official description of the event: 

"...Inspired by 80's excess, Matthew Morris Salon and Skincare presents EYE CANDY; a runway extravaganza full of sugar and spice, everything from naughty to nice.

A night of sophisticated collaboration; from SOL Lingerie and A-Line Boutique delivering an elegant edge to fashion artistry featuring collections on the runway that will be one to remember, to Epernay Lounge and Sugarlicious delivering pure indulgence in taste. Creating a night of "artistry and flair" says Black-Tie Colorado, the parties host a killer crowd- "the most dapper of Denver's male hipster population" says The Denver Post, and the most fashionable ladies, and well-connect mile high socialites in Denver." sounds like I need to bring my "A" game for this one. I really like this look that I saw on Jessica Biel and will be out over the next few days trying to put together something similar. I'm thinking I can try to channel 80's excess in my hair and makeup if I can't recreate that most amazing (and appropo) body jewelry:

Loooook! She's carrying the Chanel lego clutch I mentioned in  this  post.

Loooook! She's carrying the Chanel lego clutch I mentioned in this post.

Seeing as how A-Line boutique is one of the party's sponsors, I immediately checked out their site and found this fantastic dress for a great option to creating a look similar to Jessica's. Picture it topped with body jewelry or a fantastic, heavy statement necklace: 

Sleeveless Dress with Pleated Side, L'Agence. $315 at  A Line Boutique .

Sleeveless Dress with Pleated Side, L'Agence. $315 at A Line Boutique.

The party is Saturday evening, so look for a post on Sunday with pics of my final look and shots from the night! 

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my so-called fabulous life: back at it

What has life been like in the last two weeks for me here in the Mile High City? Welllll...hectic, to say the least. Unfortunately I can't blame working out because I've actually fallen pretty seriously off track with my fitness goals (insert shame face). Ugh, I've reallly got to get it together on that front. It's been hard because I haven't been motivated to grocery shop or cook for myself lately. But on the upside, I have been keeping busy with some fantastic things. The latest was just this weekend when I went to an awesome party thrown by Bumble and Bumble and Grand Salon. Believe it or not, it was offered as a 500 point reward through Sephora's Beauty Insider program for VIB level shoppers only. So, I've shopped at Sephora for a very long time now, pretty much since they first opened here in the States, and let me say that while I've enjoyed their samples and loyalty program a lot - this event just took my brand loyalty with them to new heights. I was thrilled to be able to redeem my shopping reward points to go to a swanky party, check out new products and get up close and personal with a popular brand. It was well worth it! I'm actually a big fan of Kerastase and pretty much use their products exclusively, so I was excited to see what all the fuss was about with Bumble and Bumble. I had the perfect opportunity here with the mini styling services offered during the party which featured products chosen based on your hair type. The awesome Corinne used BB Tonic, Straight Blow Dry and the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil on me and refreshed my second-day hair so it was soft and sleek - and honestly I haven't been able to stop touching my hair since. Hmm, I just may have to hop on over to Sephora to pick up the products to play around with a bit on my own. Now about the salon...I have admittedly been living blissfully in the Matthew Morris Salon bubble for a while now. I love that spot, the stylists are amazing and they're always doing events and have amazing PR, especially when Matthew jets off to one of any number of fashion weeks that he works. But I last checked out the Denver salon scene, oh, I don't know, 4 years ago? For some reason I thought that MM Salon didn't have a ton of competition but clearly I was mistaken. And while I still pledge allegiance to Brooke and Ashley at Matthew Morris, if they ever moved I could totally see trying out the folks at Grand. I'm actually pretty excited because my friend made an appointment for cut and color and I'm sure her hair will turn out amazingly. I can't wrap up this wrap-up without mentioning the party itself. There was champagne and white wine, cucumber water, delicious catered small bites (provided by the coming-soon Sartos restaurant). There was a DJ spinning the perfect beauty party mix, models showing off editorial hairstyles, swag (yayyyy gift bags!) and giveaways. Check out my pics below for a little bit of everything.

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the weekend, part 2 - hair show and Snowball (aka snow Coachella)

Did it really take me until Thursday to get part 2 of my weekend posted for you guys? Why yes, yes it did and I apologize! I came right out of the weekend excitement into three days of work and meetings. Yuck. Of course my ideal scenario would have had me recovering from the weekend by spending hours lounging poolside at a South Beach hotel instead. I'll just have to do better next time ;) But I can't complain too much, I was a lucky girl and got to spend my weekend bouncing between fashion weekend festivities and the Snowball music festival. The only thing that would have made life more perfect was if I had somehow managed to squeeze in a brunch or two. 

Ok, so you've heard about Denver Fashion Weekend night 2 and while that one needed an entire post of it's own to cover, my account of night 3 will be quick. Night 3 was the hair show and hair styling awards. I'd never been to a hair show before and was tempted to skip this night since I was so exhausted from everything I did earlier in the weekend. But somehow I woke up on Sunday with more energy than expected and a burning desire to see what the fuss was all about. So how was it?...late. It was very late. To start, I was late and got to the venue about 15 minutes after the hair show was scheduled to start. But fashion things are never on time, so I wasn't too worried. It's a good thing I didn't get there any earlier, because we wound up waiting almost another 2 hours before the show even began. Yep. In that time I enjoyed some people watching, a cocktail and a yummy donut hole courtesy of LaMar's. The crowd was cool and it's interesting how each night of fashion weekend had a distinctly different vibe. Sunday's group was mostly the super cool artsy, tattooed set and many seemed to be part of the hairstyling community, which makes sense. Once the show finally started, it was a lot of fun. Apparently hair shows (of this type, at least) are about art and letting stylists get creative and editorial in ways that they don't normally get to while working on their regular day to day clients. That means that the styles sent down the runway were very different than what you'd see walking out of a salon. There was a ton of texturized volume, a birdcage(!), and dramatic mustaches and pompadours. I had a good time but because of how late things got started, I had to leave at intermission, unfortunately. Not to worry, I got to catch up on what I missed by checking out the gallery posted at 303magazine. Check below for my own pics of the parts I did catch.

Now onto Snowball, which in my excitement to attend, I nicknamed "Snow Coachella". Having been to Coachella as my first music festival last year, I was excited to see how the festival fashion at Snowball would compare. Would it be as event specific, as outlandish as some of what I saw in Indio? Let me just say this - my Denver people did not disappoint. There was plenty of face paintings and fringed shirt/skirt/boot ensembles on display. And for a moment, I was totally in love with and convinced that I need a pair of galaxy printed leggings until I saw about 20 pairs in a five minute span and was over them just like that. But I LOVED the ski bum outfits that some ladies chose and I'm sure they stayed cozy as the afternoon weather went from springy to blustery in typical Colorado style. Extra points to the ski outfits because Snowball is typically held up in the mountains in ski towns, such as Winter Park and Vail. This was it's first year in Denver and while I really hope it returns, the ski wear was a nice nod to the festival's history.

While at Snowball, I came up with an idea for future posts - my featured style crush. I don't know about you, but nearly every time I go out I wind up with a style crush on someone's outfit of the day and I'd like to include pics of my crushes in future entries. Besides general style inspiration, wouldn't it be cool to get a sense of the street style here in Denver? Well I promise to start getting those for you, along with more of my own outfit of the day photos. In the meantime, enjoy this fun video from the STRFKR set.