lucky girl

Yes, I hate my job but let me look at the bright side for a minute. I'm a lucky girl in that I only work 4 days a week (10 hours a day), which means I get 3 days off. The plan for today is to run a bunch of errands and then work on my fitness! I was sick for the last month and when I'm sick I tend to lay in bed and only have an appetite for Chinese food. That means I'm probably the only woman on the planet to actually gain weight when she's sick. Squish city, but that's ok, I'm back on it. It's how many times you get back up that matters, right?

So I recently decided to declutter my closet and get rid of (first by trying to sell, then donating) items that I don't wear anymore or bought and never wore. I made great money at my last job and indulged quite a bit in my favorite designer fashion items - shoes and handbags, which I'm sure you'll see quite a bit on this blog. Well I did great for the most part in choosing items that I still love seasons later, but a few pieces were a bit of a miss. This round was all Bottega Veneta and they're gorgeous, but just not for me. I'm hoping to sell and put the money towards a few new things I have my eye on, more on those pieces later...

Bottega Veneta pumps. The color, silicone design on the heel and chain accents are what got me! Actually still debating on these...wonder if I can rock them with a dressier jeans look?

BV brogues - consign.JPG

Brogue heels, also Bottega Veneta. I had a serious BV shoe obsession for a few years, and then they changed their shoe designer (phew!). These were a sale find (as were the others). Kind of still debating on these too, because they are so gorgeous and well made, but the style really isn't "me".

BV flats - consign.JPG

BV flats are classic. These are different than their usual offerings in that they are not woven and are a colorblocked design. I'm not into the square toe any more and I'm always iffy with red, even as an accent. It's such a hard color for me to wear. 

BV sandals - consign.JPG

I nearly lost my mind when I saw these for the first time. The combo of the crackled patent leather on the straps and the beautiful leather flowers stopped me right in my tracks. But somehow, I never wore them. I guess they weren't that easy for me to work into my wardrobe. I'm not much into brown, so I guess that's why.

Posted on February 12, 2014 and filed under diary.