#fitnessfriday - Fed Up, Ballet Beautiful and Tracy Anderson

I still haven't won the lottery and thusly, I still don't have a personal chef. <Heavy sigh>. But somehow I'm going to be ok and even seem to be on some sort of a...cooking kick? I'm feeling creative and energetic and surprisingly down to keep myself rolling in healthy vegetarian meals. This week I've had zucchini veggie lasagne (with zucchini slices replacing all pasta), stir fried spaghetti squash with teriyaki tofu and veggies and my famous breakfast hashes with brussel sprouts, onions, tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms and two eggs on top. And if I'm honest, the real reason I wasn't cooking more often is that I hate to clean up afterwards (#lazy), but somehow I don't mind it as much at the moment. Apparently the secret is to wash up right after cooking so that things are easier to clean. Who knew? Yay for learning new things every day (#olderandwiser).

My newfound culinary prowess has come just in time. Trust me and do yourself a favor and watch a little documentary called Fed Up. Between that and Forks Over Knives, I just can't even right now with processed food or my favorite junky indulgences (Reece's Pieces, chips, M&M's - it was nice knowing you). #fitnessfriday bonus, I always kick butt in my workouts if I've been eating a really healthy diet. And about those workouts...I'm still totally obsessed with Ballet Beautiful and I don't see falling off the bandwagon any time soon. While I'm still working on my 5-6 workouts per week goal, I'm also ready to step this up a notch with added cardio. Have you ever tried Tracy Anderson's dance aerobics? I'm obsessed. It makes me feel like a dance party spontaneously broke out in my living room, which is obviously a good thing. She has quite a few DVDs available but I'm a very lucky girl in possession of Tracy's original and currently out of print Dance Aerobics DVD (yes, that one, the single DVD that sells for $100 on eBay) and it is basically happiness on a disc. This is not your typical dance aerobics, just ask Ms. Goop Gwynnie P herself:

From what I understand, her new DVD (Unleash Your Inner Popstar) is most like the original DVD and I can't wait to get it to see how the two compare. So go forth and dance, lovelies! And if you need me, I'll be over here loving my workouts in all their booty shaking or proper ballerina goodness. 

Posted on October 24, 2014 .