halloween costume ideas

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. I get to wear outlandish makeup or a crazy costume (or both!), pretend to be something else for the day and eat all the candy? Really, how could anything else compare? And if you want to be my bff, on this day, I'm pretty easy - donate all your mini Twix bars to my pile and I'll let you have all my sour candies.

And in my classic master-procrastinator's style, Halloween is only a week and a half away and I still have no idea what to be. That's because I spent the last three weeks balking at spending a ton on a costume and getting totally overwhelmed trying to decide while sticking to a budget. Oh the pressure. Of course, always in the running is the classic Catwoman - especially now that the official 1960's-Julie Newmar-Adam West-TV show Catwoman costume has been released (Pow-Kaboom-BAM!). This is my favorite version of Catwoman ever so this must happen one year, although probably not this year. So what are my other options? While web-surfing for inspiration, I checked out celeb costumes from years past and totally fell for Alexa Chung's nun from last year. I think she killed it between the cigarette and totally mod eye makeup. What a great way to be cute without going for the usual sexy santa/cat/playboy bunny/etc. cliche.

Other ideas still in the running? Cleopatra. Khaleesi (bonus points if I can get the boy to be my dragon). And I really love the idea of painting my face sugar skull-style like this girl at last year's Refinery29 party:

Wouldn't it be brilliant to go as a bent iPhone? I think it'd be hysterical. But that's my top secret idea, so don't tell anyone because I may need to whip that one out last minute. Full disclosure: I'm reallllllyy annoyed that I can't get my hands on the 6+ yet and this may just be me trying to vent my frustrations through my Halloween costume. It's still a cool costume idea though. But has anyone heard of any cool and unique costumes that are trending this year? I want to hear about them so please share! 

Posted on October 22, 2014 .